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This poem was written for a Very Special Person,
They know who they are.

More Than Friends  By Red ©

My heart beats faster when your presence is near,
Filled with excitement, longing and fear.
Happy to be the one in which you would confide,
And my loyalness to you I was happy to abide.

With My mind heart and soul,
To be your true friend was my only goal.
But my heart always left me in such dismay,
Always having to fight back what I truly wanted to say.

My heart slowly you were taking away,
There was so much to you I needed to say.
You had helped my mind and heart to mend,
Happiness and Joy you would always send.

These feelings that I have for you,
I dont think you even had a clue.
I just couldn't hold it back anymore,
So out to you my heart did pour.
Willing to risk with all I had,
Hoping that the reply from you wouldn't be sad.

The hours that I waited for your reply felt like days,
And when I got it I couldn't wait to see what you had to say.
Each word you had typed with confidence and love,
My answer from you had been sent from above.

You were saying you had felt the same way,
I couldn't believe it I didn't know what to say.

I just want to thank you for opening your heart,
And for in your life allowing me to be a part.
To be open caring, loving and honest,
All this to you is what I promise.

My love for you grows more with each day,
And will never linger or turn away.
I promise to you to give my all,
And to do my JOB and to always call.

This for now is all I have to say,
And I truly hope you feel the same way...

Love Ya Lots, Red (Terena)

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