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You are so beautiful to me, If I could only find the words to make you see. What a special role you have in my life, Whether it be in happiness heartache or in strife.

You have done so much in so many ways, And you have helped me and brightened so many days. Whether it be in many phrases or in just one little word, It didn't matter because you cared and you heard.

You watched the words that I typed with love, you came to my rescue you were sent from above. You acknowledge your friendship with your little (((((hugs))))), You didn't turn your head nor your shoulder did you shrug. My online friends are truely one of a kind, Friends like these are rare and hard to find.

You are so beautiful to me, Because my heart you can see. You didn't judge me by my looks, A simple conversation was all it took.

You opened your hearts and lives to me, and I hope I return the favor by giving my love so freely. Even though we are miles away, You've enhanced my life in every way.

To you I am in debt severly, And your true friendship I hold very dearly. No one could ever take away what you have given me, And my love for you will ALWAYS BE.

Through the years and down the roads, Your love and friendship I will always hold. You will always be deep within my heart, And in my life you'll always be a part.

So thank you all for the love you share, And I want you to know I will always be there!!!!!

In Memory of my Grandmother


Losing a loved one is so very painful, When it is supposed to be gainful. People always say "At least they're in no more pain", and you wonder what it is they're trying to explain.

You wonder How can they say this?, And your mind is all ablitz. But you are selfish and wonder why??, Because you weren't ready to say goodbye. You sit and think of all the times you had, Some Good and some Bad.

This person was so very dear, and you show this with every aching tear. you want this person to be alive, Then there would be no more heartache or strife. You always want a second chance, So their life you could enhance.

Why are people always so Greedy?, When this person was very needy. Death is always an unexpected thing, And also whose life its gonna fling.

Memories will always live on, Even way after they are gone. We never think of what reason God had, We only think of how it makes us feel so sad.

In the bible it says to rejoice and make a happy noise, Not cries, sobs and remorse. This person is no longer in this world, Death was tossed and it was hurled. But one day when we see this person in the spritual city, Looking wonderful and very pretty, We will understand that what was reached out, was Gods loving hand, Coming to take them to the promise land.

Your memories will always be in your heart, Because in your life this person played a special part. So don't feel so all alone, God has just taken them home.

Don't be so selfish and greedy, and don't feel so very needy. This person had gotten their heart right, So they could have a life full and bright.

Your love for them will always live on, Especially when your all alone. Memories of them will come tumbling down, But don't you dare frown.

Lift your eyes and give thanks to the one above, For giving his kindness and his love!!!!!!

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